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“With Time – Layers – Perspectives: Clothing between Uniformity and Difference, Antje Kalus reflects the social dimension of
fashion design between theory and practice. Here, she is concerned with the fundamentals: meaning and responsibility in
everyday behavior, expressing the uniqueness of the individual, the questions of ethics in clothing as regards their
relationship to the body. As a design theorist and designer, Antje Kalus offers a new concept of clothing, consistent in form
and uniform in color, which contributes to the formation (as well as the presentation) of the identity of its user and will
accompany him through all of the events and moods of his life. What we are experiencing today in the Western world is the
supposed diversity of unique clothing offered by the fashion industry. This kind of diversity, however, results in many people
looking very much alike, because as they follow rapidly changing fashion phenomena, they follow the same trends and wear
the same things. In contrast, Antje Kalus proposes a differentiated kind of clothing that harmonizes with the personalities of
individual people, offering the potential for endless diversity among them, because nobody will look like anybody else.”

Prof. Jean-Baptiste Joly 2008

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