Time–Layers–Perspectives. Text

In my work I pose the question of if and how it would be possible to master nearly every ordinary or even festive situation
with a reduced number of exclusive, tailored pieces of clothing—or, in brief, to always wear the same thing everywhere.
This kind of observation must be tied to a good dose of representationalism and great comfort. Attractive materials,
top-quality manufacture, meticulous details, and practicality are indispensable requirements for durable, pleasurable utility.
The wearer can achieve an inimitable look that only he or she has, thanks to the clothes made especially for him or her.
This is a completely different way of thinking about clothes. In the repertoire of ways to shape identity and present oneself,
it shifts from makeup to architecture. Here, clothing is treated and used more like a building. It becomes more personal
and lasting, and can therefore also be understood as more sustainable.

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