Unisono. Text

During the approximately three-hour-long performance the ambivalent relationship between homogeneity and uniqueness
was emphasized. These concepts express the individual desire to belong to a social group, as well as the yearning to be
unmistakably individual. In this work, too, uniformity plays a crucial role. Unlike the piece Time–Layers–Perspectives,
however, one sees the totalitarian side of the uniform, where individual diversity fades into the background in favor of a
legible group presence.

Over the course of the performance the five, initially very different young women were subjected to a gradual
transformation that included a new haircut, makeup, and a uniform outfit. Accompanied by sound composed specifically
for the event, they marched at regular intervals in a row through the building, where other artworks were on display.
During the transformational process, which took several hours, the outward appearance of the group gradually changed.
On one hand, a self-contained visual unit formed over time. On the other, however, at the very moment the desired
uniformity was achieved, one could perceive the inimitable, unique features of the individual members of the group.

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