House 3. Rooms 1-14. Text

The installation House 3 / Rooms 1-14 was part of the exhibition working title, a collaboration between the Akademie
Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, and the Center for Contemporary Art at Castle Ujazdowski in Warsaw. Produced in celebration
of the twenty-year anniversaries of both institutions, the exhibition reflected life and work in both of the artists’ residences.
All of the illuminated windows and doors of the all of the rooms behind them (the artists’ studios in House 3 at the
Akademie Schloss Solitude) were depicted on the walls of the approximately 25-square-meter, darkened chamber.
The anamorphic depiction permitted two observation points; from either point it is possible to trace the building’s
geometry correctly. Outside of these standpoints, the perspective shifted. The real size of the space could be perceived.
The illusion dissolved, although without losing any depth. In the interplay between space and image, building and
wallpaper, the room was related to the viewer, to the interior and exterior space. The wall: a paradox! It could represent a
boundary for the space, as well as a moment when boundaries are dissolved. The light, apparently from the moon, also
shone upon the real and constructed windows, and was also just as paradoxical. It was actually the light of the interior
room contained in the glowing foils, a light that went out as soon as anyone walked into the room. And so it turned out that
anyone observing the space and searching for his shadow in the virtual expanse would seek in vain.

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